Out-of-Prints in Brazil

The printed copies of publications that are out-of-print at UNESCO in Brazil were broadly distributed to various institutions located in different parts of Brazil, such as federal universities libraries, depositary libraries, and various institutions that are UNESCO partners.

They were also sent to UNESCO Library, in Paris, to various Documentation Centres at UNESCO Offices in Latin America, and at UNESCO Institutes. We suggest that you look for the publications of your interest in one of these institutions in order to have access to the printed copies or to consult one of the Depository libraries that receive UNESCO publications issued in Brazil

Many times, the distrbution of printed copies is under the co-publishers' responsibility. Therefore, we also suggest to contact the co-publishing institutions to request printed copies. The bibliographic information of UNESCO publications issued in Brazil are available in UNESDOC – UNESCO International Database.

If the publication of your interest has been available for sale, we recommend that you contact the Book Distributors that are partners of UNESCO in Brazil:

  • Book distributors in Brazil
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