Statistics about Brazil

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics - UIS is responsible for UNESCO statistical information. It was created in July 1999 with the objective to collect a great amount of good quality statistical information to help Member States in analysis of eficiency and effectivenes of their programmes and to inform their political decisions; and to interpret and respond on the global status in relation to Education, Science and Technology, Culture, and Comunication, including in Brazil. 

Below are the links to institutions that are responsible for statistical data on Brazil in the areas of UNESCO mandate.

HDI - Human Development Index in Brazil (in Portuguese)

IBGE - Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics

INEP - Ministry of Education - National Institute on Educational Studies and Research

IPEA - Institute of Applied Economic Research (in Portuguese)

MDS - Ministry of Social Development and Struggle against Hunger (in Portuguese)

Media Data (in Portuguese)

Ministry of Culture (in Portuguese)

Additional Information

For additional information, please visit the following:

UIS - UNESCO Institute for Statistics :





Social Sciences:

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