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The work in the field of World Heritage in Brazil has meant fruitful collaborations with federal, state and local governments, and with civil society. Today, the country has eighteen sites inscribed in the World Heritage List recognized by their exceptional and universal value to the culture of humanity.

Among the main activities of UNESCO in Brazil, it is the implementation of the Convention on World Cultural and Natural Heritage ratified by Brazil in September of 1977.

To assure reaching the goals of the Convention, UNESCO in Brazil maintains close relations with the World Heritage Centre aiming the implementation of technical cooperation actions with various administrative units responsible for the Brazilian World Heritage sites.

This way, UNESCO constantly supports the Brazilian government on the preservation of the country’s cultural properties. It includes, historical heritage, natural heritage, and intangible heritage, which involves: 

  • oral traditions
  • popular culture and art
  • indigenous languages
  • traditional manifestations

The Brazilian intangible heritage manifestations are placed together with other important cultural heritage of the world. Besides, UNESCO in Brazil participates and supports numerous initiatives concerning this field.

The Brazilian Government’s proposal on the creation of a UNESCO Centre – Category II dedicated to providing training on heritage specially on World Heritage should, among other advantages, provide an opportunity to consolidate a stance on the issue that better reflects the specific problems and challenges facing Brazil and Latin America.

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