Right to Education in Brazil

© UNESCO/Nelson Muchagata
Girl and child from Brazilian rural zone

Educational legislation in Brazil is anchored in the concept of education as the right of all: children, adolescents, young people and adults.

Education – a duty of the family and the State – is aimed at the full development of the pupils’ potential, preparing them to exercise their citizenship and qualifying them for work.

To mention several Brazilian educational legislation:

  • The 1988 Constitution of Brazil, expressed in the Education Law (Lei das Diretrizes e Bases da Educação Nacional - LDB, 1996) and in the associated legal and normative devices like the Brazilian Education Plan (Plano Nacional de Educação - PNE, 2014-2024) and the Education Development Plan (Plano de Desenvolvimento da Educação - PDE, 2007).

UNESCO develops and promotes universal principles and normative instruments based on common values to face challenges in the field of education.

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