Technical and Vocational Education in Brazil

© UNESCO\Edson Fogaça

There is a need to promote technical and vocational education in Brazil to prepare youth for employment.

It is important to highlight that integration between secondary education and professional and technical education have recently begun in 20 of 27 Brazilian federative units, particularly in the Northern and North-eastern regions of the country.

UNESCO supports actions related to the development of competencies of educational managers and technical teams responsible for educational planning and for actions to improve access to education and permanence of students in schools, in order to improve efficiency and efficacy of technical and vocational education offered to the Brazilian population.

Since 1997, Technical and Vocational Education has been one of the basic axes in actions of UNESCO Brasilia Office. Its focus has been in actions to disseminate ideas, to promote discussions, and to offer subsidies to define public policies that can effectively answer to social needs and that can contribute to the Brazilian educational system's improvement.

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