Health and Prevention in Schools Project (SPE)

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The Health and Prevention in Schools Project (Programa Saúde e Prevenção nas Escolas – SPE) represents a framework on the integration of health and education. It privileges schools as a space for implementing public policies dedicated to youth through the participation of students, family, education and health professionals.

The broadness and complexity of challenges faced by the SPE Project indicate to a new way of policy implementation, to value the potential and necessary sectorial contributions such as the participation of civil society, so that the combination of capacities, resources and responsibilities can produce more effective changes on vulnerability-generating conditions among youth population.

The strength and value of practices in the field of promoting sexual and reproductive rights, as well as of prevention of STD/HIV/AIDS, taken place along the 20 years of facing the AIDS epidemic, are fundamental to implement the SPE Project in each state and municipality of Brazil.

The success of actions and the consolidation of public policies on health prevention and promotion in schools, implemented in a well-planned and participative process, depend on the commitments made by health and education professionals and managers, and on the active participation of students and school community, considering the history and uniqueness of each local scenario.

The publications of the SPE Project intend to serve as tools to foster, put in practice and guide the continuous learning processes of education and health professionals, considering referential the experiences already been implemented in various parts of the country.

It is expected that each successful experience can enrich and improve the already rich trajectory of the SPE Project, and also generate new concepts and new materials that reflect the accumulated knowledge.


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