Actions Developed by the Project Brazil-Africa: Crossed Histories

Monitoring the implementation of the Law 10.639/2003 hub

  • Axis: follow-up on the implementation of the law/2003 performing diagnostics 10,639 on the implementation of the law from 2003 10,639/consultation to social actors (academia, civil society, Government and international agencies).
    • In 2007, the first action was in partnership with the Department for continuing Education, Literacy and Diversity and Inclusion of the Ministry of Education (Secadi/MEC), resulted in the elaboration of a document emphasizing the initial phase of institutionalizing the law and the absence of solid and good-quality pedagogical materials on African and African-Brazilian history and culture to subsidize teacher training and their pedagogical role.
    • In 2010, the second action was the partnership with the Federal University of São Carlos and Ação Educativa, resulting in a civil society action plan (pdf in Portuguese).
  • Support to Working with Racial-Ethnic Relations Pedagogical Practices research, by means of mapping and analysing the educational initiatives concerning interethnic relations developed by public schools, as well as gathering information on the process of the institutionalization of the law.
    The survey was conducted in cooperation with Secad/MEC and coordinated by the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

Axis: production and dissemination of information about the African and African-Brazilian history

  • Portuguese edition of the General history of Africa - UNESCO collection, originally published in the 1980s-1990s. Through an interdisciplinary approach and from the African peoples’ point of view, the collection shows Africa as cradle of mankind and highlights its contribution to culture and to the world production of scientific knowledge
  • The collection’s publishing was carried out in partnership with Secadi/MEC and the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar).
    Elaboration of teaching materials, in partnership with Secadi/MEC and UFSCar aiming to adapt and to expand the access to the contents of the General History of Africa collection for teachers and students of basic educational level; and also to highlight the African influence in Brazilian history.
  • Production of the pedagogical materials, which will be available in 2012. It will include: a summary of the General History of Africa collection adapted to Basic Education teachers, an orientation guide to the use of the collection’s summary, a portal with interactive tools for Basic Education teachers and students, a geographical atlas that will include cartography of the African continents and its Diaspora. 

Axis: formulation of government policies

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