The Man and the Biosphere Programme (MaB)

Created in 1971, The Man and the Biosphere Programme (MaB) is a scientific international cooperation programme about the interactions between man and its environment. The Biosphere Reserves (BFs) are the programme’s main line of action.

Its creation is an innovative planning tool to combat the effects of environmental degradation process. The Biosphere Reserve provides the discover of solutions to problems such as the tropical forest deforestation, desertification, atmospheric pollution, global warming effect, etc.

UNESCO maintains an information network among the 482 Biosphere Reserves in the world - The World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The network intends to promote problem-solving discussions and discovers, using the best technology available.

Brazil has joined the MaB Programme in 1974, when the country defined as its goal to create at least one great Biosphere Reserve in each of its biomes. In the same year, the Brazilian Commission of the MaB Programme [Comissão Brasileira do Programa Homem e Biosfera – COBRAMAB] was created to manage the programme in the country. Today, Brazil has six Biosphere Reserves that are part of the MaB Programme.

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