Consolidation of World Heritage Natural Sites in Brazil

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Amazon Jungle, Brazil

The Technical Cooperation Agreement between UNESCO and the Ministry of Environment in Brazil “Consolidation of World Heritage Natural Sites in Brazil” has the main objective to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in Natural Sites of the World Heritage in Brazil.

The Agreement’s specific objectives are:

  1. Implementation of the Programme for Biodiversity Conservation in Natural Sites of the World Heritage in Brazil, establishing a coordinated management of the various Brazilian sites and integrating responsibilities and actions in national, state and municipal levels; 
  2. Establishment of a National Coordination of the Programme, a Donors Council, a National Technical Coordination, and Local Secretariat Groups in the spehere of each natural site;
  3. Creation and implementation of some permanent instruments for raising and managing financial resources, communication and information tools,  capacity building and training activities, and project planning and monitoring.
  4. Promotion for reducinng the negative effects caused by anthropic pressures on the conservation capacity of the units that form the complex of natural sites of biodiversity protection and conservation.
Programme on Biodiversity of the Natural World Heritage in Brazil

This Programme is complementary of the technical cooperation agreement “Consolidation of the World Heritage Natural Sites in Brazil”. UNESCO in Brazil and the World Heritage Centre (WHC) count on partnerships to implement coordinated management of the natural sites.

As part of the Programme's Donnors Council and National Commission, partners of this programme act together with the Ministry Environment (MMA) to promote the reduction of negative effects of anthropic pressures on the capacity of conservation units of the natural sites in order to protect and conserve biodiversity.

Partnerships (external links):

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