Science Education in Brazil

Science Education in Brazil

The major challenge posed to Brazil in this field is to have Science Teaching disseminated to the population in an increasingly homogeneous way capable of effectively improving people’s quality of life.

The scale of problems faced in this area are complex and consequences can hardly be solved in the short term. The challenges faced by Brazil in Science Education cannot be addressed separately because of the cause and effect relations existing among them like:

  • increment and encouragement of scientific education vs. shortage of teachers in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology;
  • impromevement of science education quality vs. poor school infrastructure.

Due to the country’s dimensions and difficulties encountered in structuring and implementing national policies capable of simultaneously addressing varied regional needs, science teaching provided in basic education schools is still very slow to produce many changes in the social realities (inequities) found in some regions.

UNESCO has an important role to play in enhancing Science Education. Innovative and pilot actions have to be implemented to strengthen scientific teaching in basic and secondary education.

In accordance to Budapest World Conference on Science, UNESCO supports national efforts to promote social inclusion through information strategies on Science, Technology & Innovation.

Priority should be given to developing technical cooperation efforts aimed at:

  • generating new technical scientific knowledge
  • disseminating scientific knowledge
  • capacity building and training of human resources
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