07.12.2017 - UNESCO Office in Brussels

European Culture Forum in Milan launches the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage

The Director of the UNESCO Brussels Office attended the launch today of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage at the two-day European Culture Forum hosted in Milan.

The Director of UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels, Paolo Fontani, has attended the European Culture Forum, this year held in Milan. The forum is organised by the European Commission to increase the visibility of European cultural cooperation, to bring together key players in Europe’s culture sector and to debate and exchange on EU cultural policy and initiatives. This year’s forum marks the launch of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, the EU’s thematic year which will put Europe’s cultural heritage in the spotlight.

Throughout 2018, hundreds of activities and celebrations will take place to encourage people to get interested and involved in Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. By shining a light on culture throughout the European Union, the European Year of Cultural Heritage has four aims: to further engage people with their cultural heritage; to promote its social and economic value; to support its protection and preservation; and to stimulate cultural heritage interest and innovation both within and outside the EU.

The year will highlight local, regional and national projects as well as larger initiatives such as the European Heritage Days, the European Heritage Label, the European Capitals of Culture and the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage is also an opportunity to further deepen cooperation between UNESCO and the EU. UNESCO is one of the key partners, together with the Council of Europe and other European organisations, which will act to implement the initiative and make sure that the Year has an impact beyond 2018. This builds on other successful UNESCO-EU partnerships in the field of cultural heritage such as the World Heritage Journeys in Europe project, which has created transEuropean cultural itineraries supporting the sustainable growth of EU tourism and contributing to the safeguarding of the EU’s cultural heritage.

Learn more from our partners in the European Union about upcoming events during the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

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