19.10.2012 -

First results of assistance to countries strengthening their cultural policies and industries

© Bernard Boucher - EU-funded technical assistance mission to Burkina-Faso

UNESCO technical assistance missions funded by the European Union (EU) showing promising results in nine developing countries, with more results expected in the coming weeks.

Since November 2011, recognised experts from a tailor-made Expert Facility in cultural governance and cultural industries have carried out technical assistance missions in 13 developing countries. Their high-level expertise assists these countries in ongoing efforts to strengthen human and institutional capacities to develop policies that support the emergence of dynamic cultural and creative industries.

Missions have been completed in nine countries, with results meeting national needs and priorities:

  • Strategic recommendations to transform Buenos Aires into a global hub for the production of Spanish-language audiovisual content for children; 
  • Arts and culture education strategy in Burkina Faso, helping young people to discover and better relate to diverse forms of cultural expressions;
  • Cultural industry policy focused on craftsmanship and performing arts in Cambodia intended to create an environment where these industries can thrive;
  • Cultural policy declaration for the Democratic Republic of the Congo leading the way for a comprehensive and locally-designed cultural policy;
  • Capacity-building programme for cultural industry professionals in Honduras to increase the sector's competitiveness, sustainability and funding opportunities;
  • Cultural industry development policy to empower Malawi's cultural operators and cultural industries and reinforce their entrepreneurial skills;
  • Cultural industry development strategy for Mauritius to nurture artistic creation and cultural entrepreneurship;
  • Creative industries policy and music sector strategy for the Seychelles that will lead the way for improved growth and development support for artists and cultural entrepreneurs;
  • National creative industries strategy for Viet Nam to increase investment opportunities and position the country as a leading creative economy hub for South-East Asia.

More results to come:

Over the coming weeks, the four remaining technical assistance missions will draw to an end. Assistance provided in Barbados, Kenya and Niger will aim to reinforce cultural entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on capacity-building activities for local trainers in Kenya and in Niger. The mission in Haiti will provide assistance in the drafting of a national policy for the country's cultural industries, with a particular focus on copyright issues and the publishing industry.

This first time EU-UNESCO partnership to reinforce the governance of culture in developing countries implements the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions at national and local levels. This technical assistance programme demonstrates the importance given by both the European Union and UNESCO to implement concrete activities that promote culture as a key factor of sustainable development.

Find out more about the technical assistance missions on the programme's website: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/culture/themes/cultural-diversity/diversity-of-cultural-expressions/programmes/technical-assistance/

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