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UNESCO and the European Union: working together to revitalize Novo Brdo Castle

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On 29 January 2014, UNESCO and the European Union launched the implementation phase of the project entitled “Revitalization of Novobërdë/Novo Brdo fortress” that aims at revitalizing the Novo Brdo Castle through conservation and restoration efforts and, managing and valorizing the municipality’s cultural heritage asset through socio-economic development initiatives.

Dating back to the 4th century BC and as the economic and trade center of the medieval period, the antique settlement of Novobërdë/Novo Brdo is of significant historical and archaeological value. Novobërdë/Novo Brdo was one of the most important late medieval cities in the central Balkans. Yet, the municipality and its invaluable cultural heritage underwent significant deterioration during the last decades.

The project, financed by the European Union and implemented by UNESCO, in cooperation with UNMIK and relevant authorities, has been developed in line with, and as part of, the European Union umbrella mission “Balanced Regional Development”.

Expected results of this project partnership are:

  • the preservation and revitalization of cultural heritage asset and archaeological explorations yielding in key insights on medieval Balkans;
  • local sustainable development through the strategic management of cultural heritage asset, yielding enhanced tourism capacities and socio-economic conditions;
  • public (regional/global) and educational (local) awareness of the value of cultural heritage preservation

Sinisa Sesum, Head of the Antenna Office in Sarajevo, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), highlighted that:

“Cultural heritage may play a useful role in the re-establishment and maintenance of peaceful relations between different communities. Indeed, the protection of cultural heritage is a domain where increased trust and understanding between communities may be constructed and where different parties may exchange signals of respect and responsibility that can help build a sense of mutual confidence. The protection of cultural heritage may help overcome the painful divisions caused by past events.”

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