United Nations Team in Brussels

UNESCO joined the United Nations Team in Brussels (UNTB), which is in charge of expressing the UN views on key issues on the European agenda. In particular, The UNTB contributes to foster cooperation between the UN agencies, based in Brussels, in order to better coordinate actions and develop joint UN strategies. The UNTB gathers, at the moment, 26 UN specialised agencies, funds and programmes.

UN-EU Partnership report

The United Nations Team in Brussels is pleased to present the ninth annual UN-EU Partnership Report Saving and Improving Lives: Partnership between the United Nations and the European Union in 2013, which spans the range of our joint actions across the world, both thematically and geographically 

In 2013, the UN and the EU worked together to support governments and civil society in over 110 countries. Our partnership, as these annual publications demonstrate, continues to save and improve the lives of millions of people in the developing world every year.

The report is prepared by the 26 Agencies composing the UN Team in Brussels, under the coordination of the UN/UNDP Office.

We invite you to browse the web-based report, which also includes stories and videos.

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