Institutes and Centres (Category 2)

UNESCO's Headquarters

Institutes and centres under the auspices of UNESCO (category 2 institutes/centres) are established and funded by Member States to contribute to the achievement of UNESCO’s objectives. They are not legally part of the Organization, but are associated with it through formal agreements between UNESCO and the Member State hosting the institutes/centres. The General Conference, or in certain cases the Executive Board, authorizes the Director-General to sign the agreement.

List of Category 2 Institutes and Centres according to Sectors and Central Services, as approved by UNESCO's General Conference:

The Integrated Comprehensive Strategy, as well as the guidelines concerning the creation of new and renewals of existing institutes and centres under the auspices of UNESCO (category 2) as well as a model agreement between UNESCO and a Member State concerned, are contained in document 37 C/18 Part I, as presented in the DOCUMENTS box to the right in the six official languages of the Organization.

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