UNESCO adopts every six years a medium-term strategy, which sets out the strategic vision and programmatic framework, including the overarching and strategic programme objectives together with expected outcomes for the Organization.


The Medium-Term Strategy (document C/4) is built around a mission statement, guiding UNESCO’s action across all its areas of competence:

"As a specialized agency of the UN system, UNESCO contributes to the building of peace, the alleviation of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, the sciences, culture, communication and information."


The biennial Programme and Budget (document C/5) defines for each Major Programme and other Programme Sectors and Central Services, the objectives, strategies, expected results and financial allocations, broken down by Main Line of Action (MLA). The expected results are defined for each MLA, complemented, as necessary, by performance indicators and benchmarks. The C/5 document also contains provisions for a certain number of intersectoral platforms.


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