Foresight Frontiers: Thinking the World Post-2015

A UNESCO Future Lecture Series

25 March 2013, 14:30 pm to 17:30 pm

UNESCO Headquarters, Room IX


The UNESCO Future Lecture Series – Foresight Frontiers: Thinking the World Post-2015 – will serve as a platform for sharing the latest developments in the field of Future Studies from around the world. The guiding aim of the Series is to explore how Future Studies is advancing the capacity of decision makers to use the future to understand the complex emergent present. Being able to think beyond extrapolation based on existing models is not only a necessity if humanity is to take advantage of the open character of the universe (non-deterministic, full of novelty) but also a capability that can be enhanced through the advancement and diffusion of ‘futures literacy’.


This edition welcomes two international futurists:

  • Fabienne Goux Baudiment, Head of proGective, Research Centre for Futures Studies (
  • Ute Hélène von Reibnitz, SCENARIOS + VISION,  International Management Consultant and Coach (


Simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings will be provided in English and French. A simultaneous webcast will be available on the UNESCO website.


Inaugural Lectures
(Bilingual – one lecture in French and one in English)


Hans d’Orville – Opening remarks


Fabienne Goux-Baudiment – L'abécédaire de l'action prospective

15: 15





Helene von Reibnitz – Foresight: from Institutional to Personal




Riel Miller – Summary



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