Dr Suwanee Khamman has been Deputy Secretary General of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) since 1975. She started to be involved in the national plan formulation since the Fourth National Economic and Social Development Plan. She became a key person in the Eight National Economic and Social Development Plan formulation, which shifted the plan focus to “people-centered”. In addition, she is appointed Secretary General of the Research and Development Institute of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy Foundation (RSEPF), whose main task is to be a center for collaboration and facilitation for national agencies to apply the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

Dr Khamman has expertise on national planning formulation particularly in the social sector. She has initiated many strategies for human quality and social protection, linking various agencies to work together in translating the national plan into implementation based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. At the RSEPF, she is responsible for supporting the application and monitoring the progress of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in the education sector, youth groups, private sector and community groups.


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