Implementation mechanism

To create and maintain a peaceful coexistence, the new UNESCO Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence aims at making everyday peace a tangible reality for all. In this regard, an Intersectoral Platform for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence has been set up in order to offer a fresh opportunity to reaffirm that humanity is one, plural, interdependent and fragile. The platform underlies, inter alia, the tension between universality and particularism, cultural identities and citizenship as well as the need for a new humanism and ethics. With a strong commitment by States and civil society, it develops inclusive policies and projects aspiring to “unity-in-diversity” every day, everywhere, in families, schools, urban settings, associations, businesses, etc.


In order to advocate the value of cultural diversity and its corollary, intercultural dialogue, among the leaders of the future, a special emphasis is given to empower young men and women who nowadays have unimagined possibilities of access and participation in global conversations.


As all other six UNESCO’s Intersectoral Platforms, the Intersectoral Platform for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence is conceived as a modality to enhance the quality, coherence and relevance of UNESCO’s programme design and delivery. The platform contributes, from a less visible but essential approach, to the creation of a new collaborative and multidimensional working method and to the production of new intersectoral contents in order to promote a global movement in favour of the ideals and practice of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence.

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