Social and Human Sciences & Peace

In Tunisia, a gender-sensitive training manual on democracy that targets young women and men between 18 to 24 years of age was developed in a participatory manner with the support of national and international experts, young people and representatives of civil society. The manual is in the form of 20 worksheets and was developed for young students as well as NGOs, associations and youth committees.

Prepared by the Jerusalem Institute for Israeli Studies (JIIS), in cooperation with the International Palestinian Cooperation Center (IPCC) –, offers a critical analysis of the initiatives for dialogue and cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian NGOs. It compiles an Israeli report, a Palestinian report, a joint report and the findings of a workshop organized by JIIS in spring 2006. This publication is available in English and Hebrew

It presents the main non-governmental organizations and their level of engagement in dialogue. This book, which contains a report by the Center for Multiculturalism and Educational Research of Haifa University and a report by the Institute for Community Partnership of Bethlehem University, has been compiled by the Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy and Community Development (Panorama).

Prepared by Panorama Center (now the Center of Democracy and Community Development) and by The Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace. It presents a project of guiding principles for dialogue and cooperation to enable the establishment of academic and intellectual cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian institutions with the goal of envisaging together a shared future through dialogue and research. Arabic and Hebrew versions are also available.

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