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UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Strategic Planning

Hans d'Orville

Dr. Hans d’Orville, born in 1949, a German national, is the Assistant Director-General for Strategic Planning since October 2007.  Prior to that he served as Director of UNESCO’s Bureau of Strategic Planning since October 2000.  He was from 1996-2000 Director of Information Technologies (IT) for Development Programme in the Bureau for Development Policy of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  Since 1975 he held various posts in the United Nations Secretariat and UNDP, among others Secretary of the UN Committee on Conferences and Senior Officer in the Office of the UNDP Administrator with responsibility for UNDP’s Governing Council;  between 1987 and 1995, Executive Coordinator of the InterAction Council of former Heads of State and Government;  member of the Executive Committee of the Africa Leadership Forum;  advisor to the Independent Commission of Population and Quality of Life and the Independent Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development.  Author of numerous publications on the UN, general development and African issues;  Ph.D and MA in economics, University of Konstanz.



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