18.05.2009 -

Expert Meeting on Nanotechnologies and Ethics in the Arab Region

UNESCO Cairo Office organized an expert meeting on Nanotechnologies and Ethics in the Arab Region on 18 and 19 May 2009. The meeting was held in Doha, Qatar in coordination with UNESCO Doha Office.

In the Arab Region, research on nanotechnologies has been conducted only in a limited number of countries.  Ethical issues of nanotechnologies are still new in this region.  However, the impact of research on nanotechnologies and their applications cannot be overlooked in any part of the world in the time of globalization.  This meeting took place in order to identify issues which need special attention in the Arab region and to seek a harmonized way to address these issues in the region. 

The meeting gathered experts in the field of nanotechnologies, ethics, and law from the region and outside the region.  During the two-day meeting, experts exchanged information and opinions on how to address ethical issues of nanotechnologies in the Arab region.  At the closure of the meeting the participants adopted a recommendation which urges UNESCO to start the process of elaboration of Declaration on Ethics of Nanotechnologies.

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The programme of the meeting (PDF)

List of participants (PDF)

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