ICT for Education

ICT-CFT Matrix

UNESCO gives a high priority to the use of ICT for more equitable and pluralistic development in education, aiming to: expand the knowledge base about the issues,

The broad questions on which UNESCO focuses are: ·

  • How can one use ICT to accelerate progress towards education for all and throughout life?
  • How can ICT bring about a better balance between equity and excellence in education?
  • How can ICT help reconcile universality and local specificity of knowledge? and
  • How can education prepare individuals and society to benefit from ICT that increasingly permeate all realms of life?

 Within this framework, the UNESCO Cairo Office implements multiple activities in the Cluster countries i.e. Egypt, Sudan and Libya. The office, in collaboration with UNESCO headquarters (Education and CI Sector) and national, international and private sector partners, has also been contributing significantly to the work on UNESCO’s ICT Competency Framework for Teachers and Global Courseware Digital Library.

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