Training and Content Creation Center (TCCC)

Governments, experts, and practitioners in the education sector increasingly recognize the importance of information and communication technology (ICT).  It can play an important role in supporting educational improvement and reform.  High-quality education in turn serves to advance the goals of social and economic development.

To be successful in today’s information-rich and knowledge-based societies, students and teachers must harness the full potential of new technology.  Bringing ICT into the classroom serves to:

  • Help students develop the skills necessary to live and work successfully in the 21st century
  • Support teachers to improve students’ classroom learning experiences with interactive and dynamic ICT based resources
  • Provide a more motivating and richer education experience for students

The Internet, interactive materials and simulations, and open educational digital content are some of the resources that can be used.  These resources can provide previously unimaginable opportunities to help students to learn more effectively and to be more engaged with their learning.  Within a sound education setting, teachers can enable students to use technology to become better information seekers, analyzers, problem solvers, and effective communicators.

UNESCO recognized the need to harness the full potential of ICT and keep up with the pace of new technological innovations in the field of education.  Therefore, UNESCO partnered with Apple Inc., Intel, Wolfram Research, Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Egyptian E-Learning University.  This partnership led to the development the region’s first Training and Content Creation Center.

Vision for the Future

  • The UNESCO Training and Content Creation Center is a glimpse into what the future of higher education could look like in Egypt and the neighboring Arab states and globally
  • The facility is aimed to be a catalyst for proliferation of latest technological innovations into the mainstream Egyptian higher-education ecosystem
  • It focuses on capacity building in areas of creation, automation and delivery of digital content for education
  • Located in the Egyptian E-Learning University, it will strive to serve the cluster of Egyptian national universities to help induce new technology in their traditional set-up

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