E9 Initiative

Promoting south-south cooperation with focus on E9 initiative:

Egypt is one of the nine highly influential countries on global education trends.  This is due to its populated feature with tremendous challenges such as universal primary education and major quality deficits.  The E9 group includes Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan. 

The E9 countries are encouraged to work together to achieve EFA goals through south-south cooperation.  UCO contributed to the initiatives through supporting the preparation of the national reports and the participation of Egyptian delegation to several E9 meetings. 

1. 7th E-9 Ministerial Review Meeting in Bali, 10 -12 March 08:

The Egyptian delegation was headed by the Minister of Education, Mr. Yusry El-Gamal.  It was composed of:

  • EFA coordinator, Mr. Mustapha Abdel Samie
  • E9 coordinator, Mr. Reda Abou Srie
  • Assistant to the Minister, Mr. Ayman Osman

The national report for Egypt, which was prepared with the technical and financial support of the office, was presented during the meeting.  Egypt acted as the general rapporteur of the meeting, and head of the drafting committee.

2. E9 Senior Official Meeting: Follow up to ‘Bali Declaration’, Jakarta 22- 24 October 08:

The meeting was organized to follow up on the declarations of the Bali 7th Ministerial meeting held in March 2008.  The goal of the meeting was to strengthen the cooperation among E9 countries and revitalize south-south cooperation on areas of similar concern.  This meeting focused on the theme “improvement of teacher education and training as a focus of educational system reform”.  It was organized by:

  • The UNESCO Headquarters
  • UNESCO Jakarta office
  • Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia and its Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO

Participants included:

  • Senior officials of E9 countries
  • Interested donor countries and funding agencies
  • UNESCO Headquarters
  • UNESCO officials in charge of education in the respective E9 countries
  • EFA partner organizations including UNICEF and WB 

3. Planned Nigerian/Indonesian Delegation Mission to Egypt:

Within the follow-up activities for the E9 initiative, a study visit for a delegation of Indonesian and Nigerian Ministry of Education senior officials to Egypt took place from 25 July to 2 August, 2009.  The study was following the theme of the Seventh E-9 Ministerial Review Meeting on Education for All in Bali in March 2008.  The theme was ‘Improvement of teacher education and training as a focus of educational system reform’.  The objectives of the study visit were: 

  • To strengthen cooperation between Nigeria, Egypt, and Indonesia
  • To share best practices, lessons learned, and success stories in the field of information and communication technology in teacher education and training
  • To expose Nigeria and Indonesia delegation to the Egyptian experience in the use of video conferencing for training and other innovations in teacher training 

The visit resulted in preparing a MOU for cooperation in this area between the three countries.

4. E9 Seminar on Literacy and Adult Learning in Rural Areas, Beijing 26 - 29 October 09:

The meeting was organized by ULI and INRULED.  It was for all E9 and LIFE countries to review overall progress in literacy and adult education within the framework of LIFE, the UNLD and EFA.  Other objectives of the meeting were to share experiences, lessons learned, and successful approaches to literacy and adult learning in rural areas.

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