Early Childhood Care and Education

Model Kindergarden Classroom in Egypt

Model Kindergarten Classroom in Egypt

Early childhood is unquestionably a crucial period in human development.  Any delay in a child’s development process requires redoubled efforts, if it is to be treated at a later stage.  With this in mind, a pioneer project on childhood care and education was developed.  The project aims at providing children with the skills they will need in the future.  

The main goal of the programme is to enable children during their early childhood years to enjoy full development.  This will let them be able to:

  • Think clearly  
  • Solve problems
  • Face the hurdles of life
  • Cope with life changes
  • Fully benefit from learning during their school years and the later stages of life 

Different activities were conducted in Egypt, Yemen and Sudan.

Role of Media in raising awareness on ECCE in Egypt

ECCE Egypt

ECCE Sudan

ECCE Yemen

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