ECCE Sudan

The government of Sudan has officially declared Early Childhood Education part of the formal education system in 1990.  Kindergarten education in Sudan targets children ages 4 to 5.  The use of a general model for KG education in all of Sudan is proving to be problematic.  This is due to the war situation in the country which results in limited early childhood education in some areas.  Limited early childhood education is provided in certain areas while other areas, Khartoum for instance, have high levels of ECCE education. 

The project targets:

  • Children ages 4 to 6
  • ECCE teachers
  • ECCE administrative departments in the MOE
  • 60 to 80 specialists and outstanding teachers to be used as teacher trainers
  • Official and social entities working on ECCE

The first year of the project is targeting Khartoum.  The second and third years will target other regions of the country as per the recommendations of the Ministry of Education.  The project is executed by the Cairo office in replication to the successful experience in Egypt.

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