Ecological and Earth Sciences Division (EES)

Ecological Sciences Programme

UNESCO Cairo Office (UCO) undertakes crucial actions in offering support to Member States from the Arab Region.  This is done within the framework of the UNESCO- Man and Biosphere (UNESCO-MAB) multidisciplinary and Ecological Sciences sub-programme.   

The progamme offers assistance in two main areas which are:

  • The development of new Biosphere Reserves
  • Transboundary Biosphere Reserves

The programme aims at encouraging representation and participation in Arab countries.  This is done for both the regional network of Arab Man and Biosphere (ArabMAB) and the World Network on Biosphere Reserves (WNBR).

For more information please visit the Ecological Sciences Programme

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Earth Sciences Programme

The Earth Sciences programme is very proactive.  It ensures that Earth Sciences play an important role in newly emerging resources and environmental problems in the Arab States.

The progamme main role is strengthening institutional capacities in fundamental and applied Geo Sciences.  This is done through the UNESCO IGCP and Space Technologies Programmes at a regional level.  The programme also helps promote joint ventures so that resources and responsibilities are shared.  

The progamme provides financial support for meetings and workshops to exchange scientific information, research, and develop capacity building activities.  

For more information please visit the Earth Sciences Programme

IGCP Programme

The International Geosciences Programme (IGCP) promotes collaborative projects with special emphasis on the benefit provided to:

  • Society
  • Capacity building
  • The advancement and sharing of knowledge between geo scientists from the region and their counterparts from developing countries

For more information please visit the International Geosciences Programme (IGCP)

Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Programme

The EES Division is also responsible for the implementation of Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Programme.  The purpose of this programme is to promote and enhance preparedness and public awareness through education, training, communication, and information.  Another purpose of the programme is to foster post-disaster investigation recovery and rehabilitation, and also to promote studies on the social perception of risks.

Disaster risk reduction educational kit

For more information please visit the Disaster Risk Reducation Programme



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