Earth Sciences Programme

Scientific knowledge should be applied to articulate and support the goals of sustainable development.  This should be done through scientific assessments of current conditions and future prospects for the Earth system.  Such assessments are based on existing and emerging innovations within the sciences.  These assessments should be used in the decision-making process and in the interactive processes between the sciences and policy-making.

There’s a need for increased output from the sciences in order to enhance understanding and facilitate interaction between science and society.  An increase in the scientific capacity and capability to achieve these goals will also be required, particularly in Arab countries.  

The need for Geoscientists is of crucial importance in the Arab countries to participate fully in international scientific research programmes.  They deal with the global problems of environment and development so as to allow all countries to participate on equal footing in negotiations on these issues.

UNESCO Earth Sciences Section through its International Geosciences Programme works to improve the interaction and networking between geoscientists and environmental scientists.  This helps in solving fundamental geoscientific problems relevant to sustainable development.

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