International Geosciences Programme

The programme provides scientists with a multi-discipline platform to exchange knowledge and methodology on geological problems of global importance.  Special focus is given to projects related to:

  • A safer environment
  • The relationship between natural geological factors and health problems
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change
  • Mineral and groundwater resources extraction

IGCP promotes collaborative projects with special emphasis on the benefits provided to society, capacity-building, and the advancement and Geoscientists in the Arab region.  The positive impact of IGCP projects on earth sciences community in the region has been greatly recognized.

Strategy including Modalities

The division activities in this field are implemented through a strategy that relies on the following:

Support to IGCP project proposals for the Arab Region

The Earth Sciences programme at UCO helps promote UNESCO International Geosciences Programme (IGCP) role in the Arab region.  The Arab Geoscientists need to exchange ideas and to strengthen their ability to share experiences and learn up to date knowledge.  This is very vital in issues such as:

  • Sustainable discovery of natural resources
  • Climatic change
  • Other geological processes that have impact on the development of the region through the involvement in the IGCP projects

The division encourages Arab geoscientists to participate in the IGCP programme and prepare proposals of regional or sub-regional scales.  This is done by providing technical and financial support for these projects.  The Target Group involves mainly Professionals, Geoscientist, Academic institution, Research Centers, Researchers, and graduate students from the Arab Region.

Capacity building of Geosciences communities in the Arab region

Recently the establishment of new initiatives by UNESCO and IUGS are important components to UNESCO's ‘Education for All’ programme.  They are also important to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.  Some of these initiatives are:

  • The "International Year of Planet Earth" (IYPE)
  • UNESCO's Global Network of Geoparks  notably the youth

The EES division at UCO contributes to capacity building and training of geoscientists of Arab countries.  This is done by sponsoring geosciences events in the region as the most appropriate way to meet the challenges of the IYPE.  This demonstrates the great potential of the Earth sciences in building a safer, healthier, and wealthier society.  It is also to encourage more widespread and effective application of this potential by targeting:

  • Politicians
  • Other decision-makers
  • Educational systems
  • The generic public
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