ArabMAB Network

The notion of establishing an ArabMAB Network was explored at the second regional meeting of Arab national committees.  It was held in Cairo in 1994.  A follow-up workshop for this purpose was held in Syria in 1996 where the objectives and institutional structure of the network were established. The network was launched in Amman in 1997 through the Amman Declaration.  The overall objective of ArabMAB is to promote co-operation between Arab National MAB Committees.  This is in order to strengthen the MAB programme in the Arab Region.  This is through the establishment of biosphere reserves and the implementation of common research and public awareness projects.

UNESCO ArabMAB Participation In the 4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves

Governance Structure

Members of ArabMAB constitute the ArabMAB Coordinating Council that meets every two years.  The meeting is done to elect a Bureau and to adopt a work programme for the biennium.  The Council meetings are usually also the venue for expert meetings and technical workshops. 

The Amman meeting was immediately followed by holding the 1st ArabMAB Arab Coordinating Council meeting.  The other ArabMAB ACC meetings were held in:

  • Agadir, Morocco in 1999
  • Damascus, Syria in 2001
  • Beirout, Lebanon in 2004
  • Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in June 2007

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