Hydrology Regular Programme

The Hydrology Programme is an evolving one ready to adapt to society’s needs and transformations.  The programme is implemented in phases of six years.

Currently, the seventh phase of the International Hydrologic Program (IHP) for 2008 to 2013, strives to minimize the risks to vulnerable water resources systems.  This is done while taking into account social challenges, interactions, and developing appropriate approaches for sound water management.

The general theme for IHP-VII has been defined as “Water Dependencies: Systems under Stress and Societal Responses”.


2014-2015 Focal Areas

·         Water-related disasters and hydrological change

·         Groundwater in a changing environment

·         Addressing water scarcity and quality

·         Water and human settlements of the future

·         Water education, the key for water security

·         Water governance and policy

2013 Focal Areas

Water Resources Management in the Arab Constitutions

The main objective is to promote incorporation of water resources management in the Arab constitutions for strengthening water governance. As example of outputs: some concepts related to right for water, water resources as public property, shared responsibilities of water resources protection (among others)  were highly recommended to be included in the Arab constitutions.

Strengthening policies for water governance in the Arab region

For the purpose of improving the knowledge base of water resources management for Arab legislators (parliamentarians and consultative council members), UCO supports the preparation of a detailed template for guideline manual for Arab parliamentarian water capacity building.



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