Ethics of Nanotechnologies

Nanotechnologies are currently one of the most rapidly developing technologies with many promising applications in medicine, energy, manufacturing, and communication.  However, ethical issues of the application of nanotechnologies and the impact on the environment should not be neglected.  UNESCO has examined the ethical and political issues of nanotechnologies and has produced several publications.

  • Nanotechnologies, Ethics and Politics (English)
  • The Ethics and Politics of Nanotechnology (English / French / Arabic)
  • Nanotechnologies and Ethics - Policies and Actions - COMEST Policy Recommendations (English / French / Arabic)


18.05.09 Expert Meeting on Nanotechnologies and Ethics in the Arab Region

UNESCO Cairo Office organized an expert meeting on Nanotechnologies and Ethics in the Arab Region on 18 and 19 May 2009. The meeting was held in Doha, Qatar in coordination with UNESCO Doha Office.

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