Friends Associations

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina has many Friends Associations all over the world: the objective is to actively support and promote the Project in the respective countries.

This objective is accomplished in a variety of ways, including: 

  • the holding of lectures and seminars on the Library;
  • the production of books, informational brochures and materials;
  • the collection of book donations for the Library;
  • the commissioning of musical works on the theme of the Library;
  • visits to the Alexandria Library site;
  • fund-raising initiatives and events.

Five International Meetings of the International "Friends" of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina have been held, the first in Athens, Greece in May 1996; the second in London, UK in September 1997; the third in Athens, Greece in September 1998, the fourth in Alexandria, Egypt in April 2002, and the fifth again in Alexandria in October 2002, to coincide with the Official Inauguration of the Library.

The International Meetings afford a good exchange of views and review of actions taken by the various "Friends" Associations worldwide to promote the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Project. There is a desire on their part to strengthen their ties and activities, particularly now that the Library is open to visitors. UNESCO actively supports these efforts, and has helps new "Friends" groups to become established.

Some of the accomplishments of the "Friends" associations include the commissioning of musical works on the theme of the Library (Ausralia) ; a Supercourse series of powerpoint lectures on different topics which have been distributed all over the world, especially to libraries and universities (Baltimore, USA); and the donation of a collection of important works on the Middle East that have been written over the last 100 years (Norway), to name but a few.

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