Initiative B@bel was launched in 2002 as one of UNESCO's multi-disciplinary projects to demonstrate how the application of ICT can contribute to the achievement of development goals.Through a variety of activities Initiative B@bel sought to support broader access to information particularly information for development by promoting multilingual information contents and tools as well as seeking to protect endangered languages. 

External partners 

The active participation of our partners from governments, the private sector and civil society have enabled us to extend our capabilities, share resources and knowledge more widely and add value to our initiatives. 

Internal partners 

Within UNESCO, Initiative B@bel is led by the Information Society Division of UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector. The work continues to benefit from the multi-disciplinary perspectives and expertise of all UNESCO's Sectors and Institutions: 


- The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Languages, David Crystal, 1997 
- Mary Evans Picture Library, London, England 
- Stockholm Challenge 
- UNESCO Atlas of Languages in Danger of Disappearing

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