African Academy of languages

The African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) was established in 2001 in Mali as a structure of a national dimension as regards its functioning but with a pan-African vision. 
At the continental level, ACALAN serves as an apex body generating ideas, translating policy decisions into workable plans and providing a reservoir of expertise available to be tapped by member states of the African Union in the formulation and implementation of their language policies. 
At the sub-regional and national levels, there is a grassroots approach through the setting up of a language commission for each language. 

Events carried out within Initiative B@bel: UNESCO in cooperation with ACALAN, SDC, ICT4D and ILI, organized aroundtable entitled, "Language literacy and New Technologies: the challenge of culturally adapted content for development", at the World Summit on the Information Society held in Geneva, December 2003.

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