IGRAL R&D group

The IGRAL R&D group was initiated by Iván Guzmán de Rojas, and joined by Gladys Dávalos and Marcel Guzmán de Rojas. Since 1986, the team was able to develop an operational version of ATAMIRI which was successfully tested at various translation centers using Wang Vs machines. In 1988, the team started to migrate ATAMIRI to C language and to open platforms with DOS under Novel and Windows operating systems. This version was run in a pilot operation at Bull, Paris. 
The R&D team scattered in other activities and ATAMIRI remained alive only in a translation service via e-mail. 

Project carried out in cooperation with Initiative B@bel: it focused on field testing the ATAMARI translation engine developed by IGRAL of Bolivia with the financial support of UNION LATINE. With the aid of this engine a multilingual online forum (DE, EN, ES, FR, PT) was established to "field test" IGRAL's ATAMARI translation engine. By "mining" the forum postings and evaluating the reliability of the translation engine and user satisfaction with the outputs the project sought to support the development of multilingual terminology and specialized dictionaries.



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