Invite international development organizations and corporation to pledge to be a part of a donor framework to support the activities of GAMAG

The first Global Forum on Media and Gender (2-4 December, Bangkok, Thailand) aimed to initiate processes that would link up on-going actions and add momentum to efforts to address the issue of gender equality in media systems, structures and content, acknowledging this as a key factor to women’s empowerment and full participation in society.

One of the key outputs of this forum was the setting up of a Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG). The purpose of the GAMAG is for the media and all other stakeholder groups to stand together for real and sustainable change in giving women equal access to communication and information platform and enabling their empowerment. You can read more in the Framework and Action Plan of GAMAG.

The success of GAMAG depends on the resources (financial and otherwise) that we are able to deploy. We are inviting international organizations and corporations to pledge to be a part of a discussion to establish a donor framework for GAMAG. This pledge is a commitment to dialogue. Further commitment during or after dialogue will be the decision of the participating organizations.

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