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Listen to audio clips and watch videos about grass-root experiences of community radios around the world. The files are available for free, but they cannot be used for marketing, advertising or in any other ways that are inconsistent with UNESCO’s mission.

How community radio stops violence against women

What is the most significant change brought about by community radios in Africa? In Birgitte Jallov's studies, the result is consistently: reduction in violence against women. Jallov explains how she works with community radios and how her research brought out this conclusion. Interview/Producer: Frieda Werden. Featured Guest: Birgitte Jallov of Denmark, founder of EMPOWERHOUSE, works with community media and media for development projects, primarily in Africa.

>> Listen to audio clip (by WINGS, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License).

Bush Radio: Series on women in technology

Bush Radio is Africa’s oldest community radio station project based in Cape Town, South Africa. The station's mission is to ensure that communities who have been denied access to resources take part in producing ethical, creative and responsible radio that encourages them to communicate with each other, to take part in decisions that affect their lives, and to celebrate their own cultures. This project is supported by UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC).

>> Listen to audio clips: clip 1, clip 2, clip 3, clip 4, clip 5, clip 6.

Interview with Vicky Quevedo

Vicky Quevedo, is a radio show host with over 10 years of experience. This interview is very popular and have been broadcast by over 150 community radio stations in Chile. It explains the aims of her show, in particular how she works with organizations to help them to access public funding and assistance, especially for women. Also, she uses the show to empower rural men and women on their rights. She is part of an organization called Foro Ciudadano.

>> Listen to audio clip (in Spanish)

Interview with Perla Wilson, Radio Tierra

In the first part of the inerview Perla Wilson explains how her radio station has reached out to rural women and helped them get involved in media and communication. In the second part she focuses on the challenges the Mapuche women of the south of Chile have faced to get access to media.

>> Listen to interview: Part 1, Part 2

Internet offering benefits to Muong ethnic people

This story is about a woman of the Muong ethnic minority in Viet Nam who has applied information and knowledge she got from radio, television and the Internet to improve her family’s life. Ha Thi Dieu spent a lot of  time listening to the radio, watching TV and surfing the Internet to acquire information. As a result, with no capital she applied for a loan, with no basic knowledge she consulted books and newspapers, and in the end, she found a way out for her family.

>> Listen to story (in English)

La Voz de los Campesinos

These two audio clips have been produced by women from La Voz de los Campesinos (The Voice of the Peasants) in Huayacocotla (Mexico), the radio station that was awarded the 2010 UNESCO-IPDC Prize for Rural Communication. This first indigenous community radio in Mexico promotes interactive radio communication with communities, encouraging them to share their history, customs and music.

>> Listen to audio clips: clip 1, clip 2 (in Spanish)

Building capacities of female citizen journalists in Jordan’s rural areas

The project aims at creating a network of initially 6 female citizen community-radio journalists from rural cities in Jordan. These young women are currently being trained and coached on community radio skills to produce 12 shows in which they tell stories about the socio-economic realities of their communities from a female, rural perspective, thereby bridging a gap within Jordanian media landscape to better reflect its diverse society.

>> Listen to audio clip

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