Join the Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG)

The Global Alliance for Media and Gender (GAMAG) is a global movement to promote gender equality in and through media. See the GAMAG Framework and Action Plan for more information.

The success of the GAMAG is more than just about numbers. It also about how we work together as partners with common goals. Join GAMAG and commit to participate so that we can be stronger. All organizations and individuals working on gender and media issues are invited to join the movement. Over 400 organizations have already joined. Let us reach the 1000 mark for International Women’s Day 2014. Click here to join.

UNESCO and partners call for all organizations working in the field of media, journalism, communication and gender and media to join the Global Alliance on Gender and Media. If your organization is an NGO, CBO, association, network, training/academic institution, media organization, regulatory body (such as broadcasting commission) or media self-regulatory body, public or private entity, research institution, UN agencies, national regional and international development agency and your organization is involved in gender and media related activities or gender equality issues, whether online or off line, then this call is relevant to you.

Join Global Alliance for Media and Gender by completing the short form through this link, I pledge to be a part of GAMAG.

In addition, to participate in related discussions about the future of  GAMAG create an account through this link, or send an email to gfmediagender(at) requesting that an invitation be sent to you. You will still need to set up a username and password after the invitation has been sent to you by UNESCO.

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