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If you are a young woman man anywhere in around the world, you can now enrich your knowledge in media and information literacy by pursuing a free online course at your own pace and based on your unique interest in certain related topics. In addition, you can receive a certificate from the Athabasca University in Canada for each unit completed – at absolutely no charge to you.

This open MIL course provides youth with basic media and information competencies to become critical citizens and agents of change. The course is designed to enable youth to:

  • Understand why media and other information providers are important to development and democratic societies;
  • Recognize a need for information and to locate, access, organize and carefully evaluate information and the content of media and other information providers;
  • Use and share information based on moral principles or accepted standards of social behaviour;
  • Interact with media and other information providers to freely express themselves, share their culture and learn about other cultures, promote gender equality, tolerance and peace, hate content online and participate in democratic and development activities.

It is entry-level online course and was previous offered three times but participants were required to complete all units, to complete the course over a specified period, submit written assignments and to achieve a stipulated overall grade to receive a certificate.

Now participants can select units that is of interest to them and pursue the course at a convenient pace that synchronizes with their other engagements. No formal registration is required. Certificates are issued as per units and quizzes successfully completed.

Click here to start now and to participate in the discussion forum connected to the course.

Hear the voice of two of the over 2000 participants who registered for the course in 2015.

You know this course is changing my life, my perception, and correcting certain myopic views of mine. I am just so glad and I so wish I can educate every child so they won't grow with certain stereotyped perception and ignorance.” (Iredumare Ojengbede Opeyemi)

The greatest medium of information propagation is our individual attitudes. How do we show of ourselves? …Let’s start with working on ourselves, building our relevance and striking a balance not to create the [same] problem we are fighting against...” (Yvonne Imenger Sende)

The MIL course is being re launched in this new format in conjunction with UNESCO’s Women Make the News 2016 initiative organized around International Women’s Day, March 8. UNESCO is grateful for the partnership of the Government of Saudi Arabia, the Swedish International Development Agency, the European Commission and other partners listed below.

It is part of UNESCO strategy to support the development multiple Massively Open Online Courses in Media and information literacy (MIL MOOCs) in various languages.  Other MIL MOOCs are to be piloted in Arabic with the American University in Beirut; in English and later Spanish with the Autonomous University in Barcelona; in Greek with the Greek Secretariat General in Media and Communication and in Hindi with the MIL University Network in India.

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