Women Make the News 2008

Women's Untold Stories

Women Make the News 2008 is a unique and exciting opportunity for all those who are committed to the promotion of gender equality in newsrooms to challenge the media to fulfill their democratic responsibility to represent women and men in a fair and balanced way.

For many women journalism profession continues to represent harsh realities in terms of job safety and job security, access to facilities, choice of assignments and discriminatory treatment. Progress of women journalists’ careers is still hampered by lingering stereotypes and subtle discrimination. Women journalists continue to face substantial obstacles to full participation in the newsroom - particularly in terms of management opportunities.

Women Make the News 2008 has two goals: to highlight the need to promote women journalists to decision-making positions throughout the world, and to promote gender equality in newsrooms. We wish to invite print and broadcast media to share with us features, articles, interviews and TV and radio programmes dedicated to this year’s theme Women’s Untold Stories to highlight women’s multiple talents, achievements and contributions to their communities. We are therefore inviting you to submit to our website your stories for others to learn from them.

The stories collected will provide practical examples that we believe will inspire others and raise the visibility of the role women play in the news as correspondents, as newsmakers and as valuable and authoritative sources of information.

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