Communication and Information and HIV and AIDS

Des points sexuellement transmissibles (In French)

The study conditions in the Congolese universities make these sites a fertile soil for a speedy transmission of AIDS. Failing is even less accepted that the studies are very expensive. The parents pay teachers directly. These parents are themselves underpaid or unpaid. The government has resigned. All means are good for the student to move on the next grade or to obtain a diploma. The documentary tries to show how some teachers and students adopt risky sexual behavior to assign or get good grades in class.

Les orphelins du SIDA : quel avenir ? (In French)

According to statistics dated 2009, there were 330 000 orphans in Cameroon whose parents died of AIDS. Following this alarming figure, this documentary aims to shed the light on the daily lives of these orphans. It focuses among others on the testimony of their guardians (grandparents) and children themselves.

The Cup

The main character is a man of 50-55 years old. He unfolds a piece of paper and examines it with interest. These are results about an HIV test. And they are positive. Worst of all, they are his daughter's. He thinks "I was wrong somewhere in the education".

The Most Appreciated

The village, which was born and raised Parviz, located in a remote mountain areas of Tajikistan. It would seem the ideal place for healthy living. But even in this paradise, away from the city, with its dense population, disease and social ills, the villagers can relate to the same matter, and that residents of large cities ...


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