Fast Car: Travelling Safely around the World

© UNESCO/Screen shot from the game

Fast Car: Travelling Safely around the World is a racing game that helps you to learn about HIV and AIDS prevention and takes you on a tour of some of the World's Heritage sites.

The game aims to provide young people with accurate and reliable information about HIV prevention, intending to educate and entertain as well as promoting healthy behaviour. In this game, the player can race on circuits on five continents, and virtually visit some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It also presents images of sites and interesting facts about them as players race by.

There are two tracks for each continent - a Preliminary track and a Championship track. Every track has a set of check points. At the check point, one can take part in a Mini-Quiz, and possibly earn a time bonus. In the mini-quiz, the player will be asked a multiple-choice question related to HIV and AIDS prevention.

Download the Game

The game is available online for downloading free of charge in:


Fast Car survey is a short survey, which takes only 2-3 minutes to complete. For this survey you are asked to provide name or nickname, specify your age, gender and country. These details will NOT be released to any third parties.

The purpose of the Fast Car survey is to assess how you as player and as a learner appreciated the game you have played and how it can be improved. Your personal opinion will be taken into account while designing other interactive multimedia tools (computer games).

Please read each question carefully and answer as accurately as possible.

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