Development of interactive multimedia tools on HIV and AIDS for youth

The HIV and AIDS pandemic continues to grow, particularly affecting young people around the world. Young people often want to talk to their parents about HIV-related issues, but may find it difficult to do so.

Children may worry about parents’ disapproval and have fears about the risk of becoming infected with HIV. Parents are often shy, lack accurate information about HIV and AIDS, or do not have sufficient skills to speak about prevention with their children, and teachers frequently assume that parents will talk with children at home. Consequently, youth do not receive essential information on HIV and AIDS through the adults who are closest to them.

The computer game “Fast Car: Travelling Safely around the World” aims to provide young people with accurate and reliable information about HIV prevention, intending to educate and entertain as well as promoting healthy behaviour.

The project entitled “Development of interactive multimedia tools on HIV and AIDS for youth” aims to develop more accurate and youth friendly HIV-preventive information materials in interactive multimedia formats which address the needs of young people, in a culturally and gender sensitive manner in order to help young people to gain an accurate understanding and reliable information on HIV and AIDS issues and preventive practices, which may change their behaviour.

The project also aims to fill the gap in the computer games area, particularly in developing educational games, which combine education and entertainment. It is expected that the computer game will be used to promote dialogue, especially balanced-gender relations, and self-expression as well as present and share science content. It is also expected that the technology will be a cost-effective means of widening access to health education programmes.

Target audience: young people from 16 to 24 years and older.

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