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"Reading in the Mobile Era": Publication Launch


Millions of people do not read for one reason: they do not have access to text. But today mobile phones and cellular networks are transforming a scare resource into an abundant one.

Drawing on the analysis of over 4,000 surveys collected in seven developing countries and corresponding qualitative interviews, this report paints a detailed picture to date of who reads books and stories on mobile devices and why. The findings illuminate, for the first time, the habits, beliefs and profiles of mobile readers. This information points to strategies to expand mobile reading and, by extension, the educational, social and economic benefits associated with increased reading.

Mobile technology can advance literacy and learning in underserved communities around the world. This report shows how.

This report was created through an ongoing partnership between UNESCO, Nokia and Worldreader and is part of a two-paper series on mobile reading. The other complementary paper, Reading without Books, reviews mobile reading initiatives around the world, identifying their strengths and weaknesses in order to improve the development of future projects. Cumulatively, the two publications explain how mobile technology can empower readers and further literacy in developing countries and beyond.


Type of Event Special Event
Start 23.04.2014 09:00 local time
End 23.04.2014 16:00 local time
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Focal point West, Mark
Country France
City Paris
Venue UNESCO Headquarters
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