International Symposium on Freedom of Expression

26 January 2011, UNESCO, Paris, Room II

© UNESCO/UNESCO donates protective vests and helmets to media professionals in Gaza

An International Symposium on Freedom of Expression, sponsored by the Swedish National Commission, was organized by UNESCO at its Headquarters on 26 January 2011.

Based on the premises that freedom of expression is a cornerstone of the human rights edifice, and that open and participatory communication is vital for successful development, the debates focused on the status of press freedom worldwide, the safety of media professionals as well as the changes of the media landscape in the digital age.

The meeting gathered some 300 participants including government officials, policymakers, representatives of major non-governmental organizations and media professionals, as well as the 2010 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize winner, Chilean journalist Mónica González Mujica.

This one-day event was aligned with UNESCO’s mission to foster the free flow of ideas by word and image, and its promotion of the value of information and communication for “advancing the mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples”. UNESCO has long highlighted the links between the free flow of ideas and the broader objective of preventing wars and constructing the defences of peace.

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The Status of Press Freedom Worldwide:

Freedom of Expression on the Internet:

Press Freedom and the Safety of Journalists:

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