About the Conference

Digital information has economic value as a cultural product and as a source of knowledge. It plays a major role in national sustainable development as, increasingly, personal, governmental and commercial information is created in digital form only.

But digitized national assets also constitute an immense wealth of the countries concerned and of society at large. The disappearance of this heritage will engender economic and cultural impoverishment and hamper the advancement of knowledge. 

Ensuring digital continuity of content requires a range of legal, technological, social, financial, political and other obstacles to be overcome. The participants accordingly agreed on the following points:

  • Each individual should be guaranteed access to information, including in digital format;
  • Digitization can support this right;
  • Relevant training in managing digital records is a prerequisite;
  • A better understanding of the digital environment, including the need for legal rights management, is essential;
  • Lack of awareness of issues and the costs of failure will have significant impact on social and economic development;
  • A roadmap proposing solutions, agreements and policies for implementation by all stakeholders should be established.
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