Presentations - Thursday 27 September

Day 1: 26 September 2012 - Day 2: 27 September 2012 - Day 3: 28 September 2012

Plenary 2 - SI (09:00-10:30)

  • Mass digitization, library lending, internet archives
    by Brewster Kahle, Founder, Digital Librarian, Internet Archives, United States
  • Preserving the value of digital and digitized information
    by Vinton Cerf, Google
  • Beyond paper to authentically digital documents
    by Jeanne Sheldon, Microsoft

Concurrent Sessions (11:00 - 12:15)

National Strategies as the Foundation of Togetherness

Web 2.0 Products as Documentary Heritage: Can we access and preserve them?

The Role of Culture in Digitization and Digital Preservation

Open Archival Information System Reference Model: Answer or Inspiration?

Concurrent Sessions (13:30 - 15:05)

Collaboration in Digital Preservation or Lack thereof: What Works

The Economics of Preserving Digital Information (SI)

Is a new legal framework required for digital preservation or will policy do?

Digital Curation: Convergence of Challenges, Institutions and Knowledge (SI)

Digitization and digital preservation experiences in a developing country perspective

Concurrent Sessions (15:30 - 16:45)

Ensuring that it won't happen again

Trusting Records

Web Archiving as Part of Building the Documentary Heritage of our Time

Technology as the mediator of heritage and its relations with people

Limited Resources or Expertise: Case Studies in addressing the issue

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