Slovakia - Antiphonary of Bratislava II

In 1995, the Slovak National Library and the Slovak National Archives embarked on a project to digitize the medieval manuscripts "Illuminated codices of the Bratislava Chapter Library".

© Slovak National Archives
Antiphonarium Bratislavense II

The first phase of the project included the compilation of a CD-ROM containing the rare Antiphonary of Bratislava II, thus creating the basis for the digital edition of a collection of codices of Slovak provenance. Making the digitized documents accessible on CD-ROM enabled the dissemination of information on, and study of, the Antiphonary in great detail while preserving the original. 

UNESCO’s Director-General also approved the inscription of the ‘Illuminated Codices from the Library of the Bratislava Chapter House’, held by the Slovak National Archives on the Memory of the World Register.

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